My Values

Proven Constitutional Conservative

As a constitutional conservative Kurt Schaefer has always fought to protect the rights of Missourians and preserve our constitutional freedoms – especially our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. Kurt is the only candidate for Attorney General endorsed by the NRA.

Kurt has voted to protect the religious freedoms of pastors and clergy, to allow prayer in schools, and to respect moral beliefs and religious freedoms of employers.

With dangerous mandates coming down from Washington, DC and the Obama Administration that intend to rob us of our constitutional rights Kurt Schaefer won’t be afraid to fight back – because he’s done it before. Kurt will take on the federal government on our behalf, and won’t allow Washington insiders to dictate how Missourians run small businesses, educate our children, or determine which restroom a child uses.

Kurt has also received the highest rating from the National Rifle Association, and has earned the reputation as Missouri’s top protector of 2nd amendment rights by fighting and winning court battles against billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, and other anti-2nd Amendment groups.  As well as standing up against the Nixon administration when it tried to send personal information about concealed carry permit holders to the Federal Government.

Kurt believes our right to keep and bear arms is a Constitutional guarantee that is essential to our freedom and ability to defend ourselves and protect our families. As a constitutional conservative, experienced litigator and as Missouri’s next Attorney General, Kurt will always stand up to the federal government when it comes to defending our constitutional rights.

Trusted Tough Prosecutor

As a tough and trusted prosecutor, Kurt Schaefer put away hundreds of dangerous criminals including murderers, rapists and other serial abusers. Kurt then authored bills to strengthen sentencing on sex offenders and to have mandatory sentencing for violent criminals. As Missouri’s next Attorney General, we can count on Kurt to keep Missourians safe.

Unlike his opponents, Kurt doesn’t need any on-the-job training when it comes to defending our constitutional rights. Throughout his entire career and as a proven constitutional conservative, Kurt has always fought to protect Missourians over powerful special interests. On Day 1, Kurt will immediately defend us against the dangerous and unfunded mandates from Washington, DC, and against any assault on our religious liberty by the federal government.

Protecting Our Farmers and Small Businesses

Kurt Schaefer has stood up for farmers, small businesses and all Missourians in the courtroom, and has successfully fought in court to stop burdensome EPA regulations and other unnecessary Obama regulations. Our hard-working farm families are the backbone of our economy and Missouri needs an Attorney General with the experience to fight and win.

As a tough and trusted prosecutor, Kurt will always stand up to the special interests and fight burdensome federal and state regulations that hurt Missouri farmers. As a constitutional conservative, Kurt will always place the interests and constitutional rights of Missourians above the federal government and any special interests.

Kurt has also worked to make Missouri a more attractive place for our small businesses, and for the jobs they provide to locate and stay in Missouri by reducing burdensome regulations and keeping taxes low.

Stop Obamacare

Kurt Kurt led efforts to stop the implementation of Obamacare in Missouri, and unlike current Attorney General Chris Koster, Kurt would have taken the fight to the Supreme Court on behalf of Missourians.

Proven Fiscal Conservative Leadership

As Chairman of the Budget Committee Kurt led efforts to balance the $27 billion state budget every year without raising taxes, or borrowing money. Kurt was able to root out waste of our tax dollars, and cut income taxes for Missourians for the first time in history.