Fact Check: Pro-Josh Hawley Ads False

( – Enormous political dollars in the form of advertisements are pouring into the race for Missouri’s Republican Primary race Attorney General, and some of those dollars are coming from out-of-state.

Multiple political action committees, referred to as PACs, have contributed funds from out-of-state for ads against Missouri State Senator Kurt Schaefer.

The theme of these ads, paid for by Super PACs from places like Georgia and Virginia, accused Sen. Schaefer of allowing Chinese corporations to purchase farmland in Missouri.

One of the farms sold to a Chinese corporation was Smithfield Foods in 2013. As a large corporation, Smithfield owns more than 50,000 acres in Missouri and more nationwide for their plants.

While the sale of Smithfield went through, Sen. Schaefer said any sale of farmland in Missouri must be approved by the agricultural department of Missouri.

“There has been a one percent restriction on foreign ownership on (agricultural) land in the state of Missouri for over 30 years, but it was never defined how you determine that and that bill did pass overwhelmingly” Sen Schaefer said.

While Sen. Schaefer admits he did vote for the sale, he was not alone.

“I did vote for it as did 195 of 197 legislators, almost unanimous and did not change the percentage of foreign ownership,” Sen. Schaefer said.

The race for the Missouri Attorney General is winding down, with it’s primary election no more than three weeks away.

The primary election will be held on Aug. 2, and then voters will cast their final vote for Attorney General on Nov. 8.

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